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About DSS

About Us

Default Store Studios, LLC is a small independent game design & development firm with primary offices in New York and Idaho. Some have claimed that Flap 'n Crap, our first game release could be a 'me too' game taking advantage of the Flappy Bird craze. Frankly that offends us. In our game, when you click on the mouse or tap on the screen you control the bowels of Pidge' our in game bird. This has nothing to do with Pidge's flight dynamics which are controlled by an entire group of monkeys we've hired at Zoo Boise. We've hired this insanely talented monkey photographer, ergo photographer who takes photos of primates and who is paid a stupid amount of money for glamor shots of our more talented staff members:

Because she's so expensive we can only afford a few sessions at a time. Apologies for being poor and not having pictures of our entire staff, but with your help and gameplay maybe someday we'll be able to pay her invoices so that we may bring more really cool tilt-shift photos of monkeys to our site. Did I just say tilt-shift? Why yes I did. The photo above was taken with a Hartblei 150mm lens via a P6 to Canon EOS adapter via a Metabones Speedbooster to a Sony NEX-7. There was eight degree's of tilt on the lens so that shooting wide open at the resulting f/2.0 she could ensure Sarah's face would be in focus. Yeah, I'm not kidding that our photographer is expensive. She has mad camera gear skills. In the mean time we are scraping by with nearly enough to feed our Gulab Jamun addiction.

Thank you for playing and keep up the good work! Our monkeys love flying Pidge' for you, Pidge' a pigeon who in no way resembles a bird from some other game that may have become popular for some strange reason.

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