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Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

We're going to be brutally honest with you because that's how we roll. Certain members of our team are information security 'professionals' who specialize in such seedy things as security research, social engineering, lock picking, and safe cracking along with other rather interesting skills. You'll note you can register with our site and make comments and what-not so yeah, we're going to need to protect your password and what-not. As of right now we are practicing the equivalent of Chinese water torture on our security staff by not enabling HTTPS on our main site by default. Yeah, we know - brilliant, right? Gary thinks so:

As you can imagine our staff meetings have become rather heated which gives us a great excuse to kick the security folks out of the room for being unruly. Anyhow, if you use a password you care about on our site at the present time it could be exposed to one of those evil network man in the middles (MitM) we keep hearing so much about. So for now, any time you want to give us your password, just go up to the address bar and change http:// to https://. We swear that works and your password will be protected from one of those middle men. Yay! Good news right? Your security is in your hands. Errm, well we still get your password so that could of course be a problem so to secure it we use phpass. Our security folks have tried to explain this to us but all we can do is make Pidge'ass jokes so if you want to know more about what it is and what it does go read up it and how it implements password stretching along with a salt to protect your password. Honestly, that just sounds like it hurts Pidge'ass. Man we kill us.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Recently we brought Facebook integration to the game and that might concern a few of you. On this one we caved to our security team and you'll notice that when you login you'll either go to a browser pop-up that allows you to see the Facebook URL in your address bar or depending on the platform the native Facebook application will open. Our security folks tell us that's to keep your Facebook credentials "the hell out of our application same origin" whatever that means, but hey, they are the 'professionals' and I suppose there's a reason we pay them, besides torturing them that is. As far as what we get and ask from your Facebook profile it's pretty minimal. We want your picture so your friends can crap on it in the game along with your name and that's pretty much it. Well, we do get permission to post to your wall, but hey - that's the price of entry. When you give Flap 'n Crap or some other random game we make permission to interact with Facebook there's always that Facebook dialog which will tell you what we are asking for, pay attention to it because nothing we say matters, it's what Facebook says.

In terms of selling your data. Yeah, we don't do that, end of story. There might be ads on our site and in our game but those are everywhere on the Internet, again it's the price of entry. We've got to pay for our Gulab Jamun addiction somehow.

Good luck out there and be safe!

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